Surviving Cancer

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Follow a candid and inspirational story of faith, perseverance and courage as Jerry Padavano takes the reader through his very personal journey and eventual triumph over cancer.

Married with two children and two grandchildren, this healthcare executive defeated a stage three cancer diagnosis by striking the disease at its weakness - exploiting its inability to cripple love, shatter hope and invade the soul.  

While this book delivers candid and useful information about coping with the everyday realities of colorectal cancer, the observations and guidance that Padavano offers to patients and caregivers can be applied to any debilitating illness. 

This uplifting and personal message of love and determination offers the keys to persevere through the worst that life has to offer with a profound appreciation for the things in life that make it worth living. 

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This book has recieved excellent reviews from the thousands of readers who have read it.  Click on the book reviews tab to read some examples of the reviews that have been recieved to date.

Below, Jerry Padavano poses at a "celebration of life" book signing event in San Francisco with his two sons Joe (left) and Jason (right).  For more book signing event pictures, click on the book signing events tab.


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