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I am a breast cancer survivor of 4 years and 48 days.  I was fortunate to have the extreme pleasure of reading your book and I could not put it down.  I attend a breast cancer support group each Monday night and I shared your book at my last meeting with the other survivors.  I don’t know if it is the Italian connection (being of 100% Italian descent) or just the beautiful way you wrote your story that just made me feel like I know you, your lovely family and your feelings.  I loved the mention of the Christmas Feast – my family did exactly the same tradition.  As I mentioned to the women in the group – you had all the same questions, feelings, emotions, fears, highs and lows just like us and the relationship was a deep connection to all you wrote.  I just had to write you Jerry as I feel I sort of know you already.  You inspire me to be stronger, fear less, grab the highs longer and continue to just be so very grateful, happy and blessed for being here.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting your story out there to inspire others that there is a wonderful life after cancer.  We may have had cancer in our life but our life does not have to be only about cancer.  Again, thank you for sharing, caring and telling of your cancer rough road to make huge changes in others ways of thinking, acting and coping with cancer.  I wish you lots of happiness, good health and peace.  As I attend morning mass daily – I now will add you to my very long prayer list. 

MJ Pastore

A Blessed Cancer Survivor  

Jerry shares his journey of pain, fear and survival with the reader. Jerry bares his soul and most importantly inspires one's spirit. This book makes a wonderful gift to one battling cancer or anyone supporting a loved one through a battle with cancer. This book is a lovely reminder that life is fragile and we should live and enjoy life to the fullest. Jerry's poem, "The Difficult Road" is a lovely work which eloquently captures the heart of "The Ultimate Challenge."
Maria Emami

Comfortable reading - an outpouring of sincerity, love, positive thinking, strength and more. Jerry's story is a most wonderful way to touch many lives and to make a difference. It makes me wish that my sister had shared how she smiled through a long year with pancreatic cancer.
P. Okita

Read the entire book early this morning 2-5AM and was not only encouraged but inspired as well! WOW! Especially loved the poems shared from his heart and the words of wisdom to choose & fight for life - the Ultimate Challenge! God smiled on the author to extend his life to become a source of encouragement, hope and JOY to us all! Thank you for sharing and writing the book -it felt like a good friend/brother sharing his Source of hope, his reason to smile - enjoy each present - moment. Highly recommend this book who need encouragement and inspiration!
Ruby Manawis

We had an appointment with a Real Estate Agent'C.C.' whom we shared our recent findings of my husbands cancer. Though we decided not to sell our home, that Agent still went out of her way to bring back a book for us to skim through it. After purchasing it and reading it, I now want to take this time and Thank Both Jerry Padavano for sharing his personal life with us, and to that Agent 'C.C.' who will never forget! God Bless You!

As a fellow cancer survivor, I could totally relate to the authors words and emotions. It was both sad and uplifting at the same time. The best part of the book is that you dont have to be a cancer patient to learn from it because it applies to any disease or difficult situation one may face. I also like the fact that it is an easy read. It took me less than 2 hours in one sitting to read it - but I will read it again! - Annonymous

Reading Jerry padavanos book makes you realize to not take anything for granted in life cause you never how long of a life you will have as a person who has personally seen people die from cancer it is like you now Jerry and everything he is going through and you pray for the best, very inspirational book and what a loving family and wife he has.
A Mother

Mr. Padavano writes his story just as if he were talking to us. It is heartfelt, sincere and very informative at the same time. It shows you can face the worst that life has to offer and still come out on top. It is a lesson for us all.
A Son of a Cancer Survivor

I just finished reading 'The Ultimate Challenge' and I was touched deeply by it! Jerry Padavano's expressive way of writing brought me into each story in such a real way. I feel inspired to know that the obstacles that present themselves to us in life, can be handled by attitude and courage. This book was a gift...thank you Mr. Padavano.
Michelle F

This is a very inspirational book. The challenges that Jerry faced and ultimately triumphed really put life in perspective for me. As I was reading the book, I was struck that this is the perfect book for a person recently diagnosed with colon cancer. Within one week of finishing the book, a close family friend's brother was diagnosed with colon cancer. I passed along the book and my friend and his brother have remarked several times on what a great comfort the book has been!
Andrew Smith

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