Surviving Cancer

An original poem from the book

The Ultimate Challenge
Surviving Cancer

The Difficult Road

It’s a difficult road, one too often traveled. You’re told you have
cancer and your life starts to unravel.

When you hear the word
cancer, your blood turns to ice. Then
your head starts pounding, like it’s caught in a vice.

Your eyes become moist as they fill up with tears, and the
bravest of persons are consumed by fear.

You want to deny it, like it just isn’t so. You refuse to believe
what you already know.

It’s the hand you’ve been dealt, and you know that it’s true, so
acceptance comes along, and it carries you through.

Feeling and emotions will vary for weeks, you have pretty bad
lows, but there are a few peaks.

Some days you are angry, some days you’re just mad, one
minute you’re happy, the next you are sad.

You run out of patience with people who care, and you pray
that they know, it’s because you are scared!

Fear turns into anger, resentment and strife, and then one day
you realize, you still have your life!

A life that’s worth living, no matter the cost, and all those bad
feelings get torn down and tossed.

You make the decision that you’re up for the fight, and you’ll
strive to keep going, with all your might.

Have faith in yourself, and there will be no more sorrow. If you
have a bad day, there is always tomorrow.

Yes, it’s a difficult road, but just do your best; because living
with cancer is still life none the less!

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